Virtual controls for real life

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Hayo is an IoT device turning ordinary objects, surfaces and spaces into virtual remote controls for the connected home
@ayeletnoff thanks Ayelet for sharing Hayo with the PH community. 🙌🏻
Great idea! I'd love to know how they've overcome accidental activation. I'm also excited about other potential applications like interactive signage, sensory rooms and therapy. The list is endless.
@simoncchapman thank you for loving it. For accidental activation, best would be placing the virtual remote controls on side tables, behind you and maybe even in the air is a good idea. You're right, the list is endless. 🙌🏻 what are you thinking? We would love to know!
@simoncchapman Had the opportunity to test/play with the thing yesterday... it's just amazingly powerful and playful. I felt that algos are super good at detecting false/accidental interactions.
@ag_lr @simoncchapman Interesting! Our team can look into it.:)
How often does it rebuild the map of the room? If i move a chair, smth else.
@perpetuous The room is "rescanned" at regular interval, but not very often, we use the floor and walls rather than the objects in the room.
@perpetuous great question! Moving furniture will not affect Hayo's good functioning.
Man. I love this. Seems like it would be buggy at first. Ie what happens when you have kids and they are running and playing all over the place. I can only imagine the tv being turned off and on. Does this work solely off "hit detection"? Can you track people like past Kinect prototypes and maybe only toggle if it detects an adult? Just thinking out loud here. Still quite amazing. Good job.
@xcast3d Thank you for loving it. Yes, kids and pets running around will trigger the virtual remote controls but you can place them where they can't reach them. If by "hit detection" you mean just coming into contact with it, yes. We are working on adult, pets and children differentiations. It will come soon. We will keep you posted. Thank you for loving it and for supporting us.