Reduce lag, packet loss, and jitter while gaming

Haste is software that optimizes your network connection to game servers. Stabilize your ping, minimize packet loss and reduce ping spikes to improve your gameplay.

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I've been following Haste since earlier this year. Super interesting tech, working to solve a serious problem for a big and growing industry of gamers. I know because I've rage quit many laggy sessions playing Team Fortress Classic back in my early PC gaming days. 😑😊
@razkarmi thanks for hunting us. And thanks @rrhoover for sharing your experience with lag while gaming -- that's exactly why we made Haste! Like your story, @taric_mirza was inspired to invent Haste because he was getting frustrated with lag playing LoL. We like to think we're "re-wiring the internet" for live interactive experiences, and we're totally focused on gaming for now. We love talking about our tech and how we've made this work, so ask us anything!