Haskell for Mac

Functional programming without the hassle.

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This is awesome. One of the things I've found while learning Haskell was that the connection between traditional editors (vim) and GHC is tough to reconcile. This seems like a great way to have all of that functionality in a turn-key package. @tacticalgrace Do you have any plans to bring in GHC 7.10? And to add network connectivity?
@k1ix We will track GHC and LTS releases, but with an eye on stability. The GHC 7.10 line has been somewhat problematic with respect to regressions; hence, I didn't want to use it for the HfM launch. Network support will come. (Given the nature of the product, I wanted to be conservative with sandbox entitlements for the first Mac App Store release.)
I've been beta-testing Haskell for Mac. I wish I'd had this tool when I was only starting out with learning Haskell several years ago. While I'm not a good Haskell programmer (I'm mostly a Mac developer), I do find that it helped me a lot in understanding functional paradigms and was very handy when Swift was released. Haskell for Mac brings easy installation, a large library of modules but most importantly — it brings Playgrounds, like for Swift.