Find the best hashtags for every Instagram photo with the click of a button. Simply type a hashtag into the search console and Hashtag Suggestions will generate a list of related, targeted hashtags. Just choose the hashtags you want and click to add them to your post!

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Hi Everyone! Cindy here, design founder at Later. Excited to share our new feature on Product Hunt today and answer any questions you may have about Later and Instagram scheduling! As most Instagram marketers know, building an effective hashtag strategy is hands-down one of the best ways to get your posts discovered by new audiences on the platform. Unfortunately, a lot of users tend to use generic hashtags like #sunset that may be tagged in millions of posts but won’t help them attract any new followers (or customers!). To help you get more of the *right* eyes on the content you create with the *right* set of hashtags, we’ve built Hashtag Suggestions, a nifty tool that helps you find the best hashtags specific to your Instagram posts! Just give us one word or hashtag that you want to base your hashtags around, and we’ll do the all relevant hashtag research for you with a click of a button: 👉Click Hashtag Suggestions beneath the caption of your post, and the tool will pop up on the right ✏️Type a hashtag/word in the text box and hit “Suggest” 🔮Up to 30 related hashtags will be generated, sorted by relevance! Select the hashtags you want to use and hit “Insert Hashtags” to instantly add them to your post! (you can optionally save the hashtag combination as “Saved Captions”, so you can easily pull them up at anytime!) Let me know what you think, comment below or you can tweet me at @cindychenc
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@cindychenc as an older user, new to social media marketing, I cannot say enough great things about Later and the tools (and training!) you provide. Product Hunt is another fantastic gift. Thank you!
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Beautiful and clean app, love the hashtag feature. Saves so much time while posting to Instagram


Easy to Use, Beautiful Interface


none i could find

RIP every other hashtag app I've been trying out on my phone relentlessly trying to squeeze in-app purchases out of me.
Hi @cindychenc good to see later coming up with such great product which are actually useful for Instagram growth. However I still have not been lucky enough to use later as I'm a Android user, but I look forward to use it someday, need you answer on when can I use it? Coming to this product how is it better compared to tags app which I'm currently using and it's great even though with the lag issue. Again can't wait to use later on "Android Phone" soon..
@cindychenc @sagar868 It is available on Android, we haven't released it in all countries though, have you tried downloading the app? You will be able to use it on the web without a phone with the new Auto Publishing to IG.
@cindychenc @symana wasn't available in India last time I tried to download. Is it available now?
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@cindychenc @symana Hi Matt! Just wondering if there are any plans to release Later on Android internationally? Would love to access it in India.
Have used the tool and I am linking it so far. Huge help for marketers.