Hashnode is a place where programmers share knowledge and get appreciated by fellow programmers. We encourage developers to start insightful discussions, and share projects they have created. There are multiple forums to solve your bugs and errors; but none to ask open-ended developer questions, and discuss opinions.

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Thanks @noxowe for hunting us. We launched Devmag in early 2015 in order to build a global community of software developers who are willing to help each other by sharing their knowledge. Fazle and I developed it in a short time and launched last year to see how developers perceive this. We got good response from the developer community and eventually got featured on PH. Devmag was good, but we thought there was a room for improvements. We talked to some of our active users and got really useful feedbacks and suggestions. So, we went ahead, built a team and relaunched an improved Devmag i.e. Hashnode. Hashnode doesn't aim to be a Q&A website. Rather we are focussing on building a community with emphasis on connecting developers on a global scale. We are super excited to know what you guys think of Hashnode. We would love to have your feedbacks/suggestions. :)
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I love using the site - super fast, clean and simple. Not sure if I need yet another place to keep up with a feed of things I inevitably add to Pocket to never be seen again, though. :)
@joshuapinter a very interesting product is going to come very soon , just keep yourself updated my twitter feed :)
I like it, looks nice and simple
I have been a Hashnode lurker for past two months and am the biggest fan of their weekly newsletters . The whole community over at Hashnode is 'Extremely Knowledgeable & Helpful ' I presume they rebranded as Hashnode for the purpose of becoming more than just a developer magazine . The concept of nodes and distinct communities is very apparent in their current iteration . The website is alive with questions , tips , tutorials from seasoned veterans of the developer world and its a joy to participate in the discussion I suggest check them out for their newsletter alone
Thanks @borax12 for the nice words. :)
I am great fan of your UI & UX!