Lightweight music player for SoundCloud, Spotify and more

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This is like the Franz 2.0 of music. Great work, @vincelwt. Any plans to add Hype Machine or other music sources?
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@rrhoover Thanks! It seems like there is some undocumented API for Hype Machine, so it could be integrated. My plan for future releases is to create a "plugin" system so other developers can easily integrate services to Harmony.
@rrhoover @vincelwt Oh my god! That is SO MUCH better than IM+!!
@rrhoover @vincelwt definitely need hype machine to convert me, love the idea though but with 80% of my time on hypem.com... can't quite the PLUG app just yet
@mattmg83 @rrhoover Hype Machine (along with Deezer and other features) are now available in Harmony since 0.4.0 :) If you have suggestions on how to improve the plugin (or the app in general) I'll be happy to hear them!
@vincelwt I'm getting connection errors on hypem and soundcloud, will try again later
Thanks for not ignoring Soundcloud and Google Play music. I often feel that I am the only one who listens to those 2 sources instead of Spotify.
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@levibostian You are not the only one, big fan of Google Play Music because they allow to upload your own hard-to-find music
@arturo_ojeda It's true. Now only if there was a store I could buy DRM free music from and upload to Google Play I would be set (refuse to buy digital content locked into one store/product). Does anyone out there want to build this?
@levibostian @arturo_ojeda Emusic will allow you to buy DRM free.
Woah, this makes me feel nostalgic of the Foobar-era of music players. Downloading!
Simple but great concept. Would love if the responsiveness allowed to go as small as just showing the play controls and current title playing ( a la ol'skool Winamp ).
@wuss Feature on the way :)
@wuss Whoa... I forgot all about Winamp.
@wuss Available in next release : http://imgur.com/a/lv7ko
@jimcanto @wuss It really whips the lama's ass...
@wuss Feature is available on new release since 0.2.3: https://github.com/vincelwt/harm...
Having trouble logging in with Google. Perhaps 2FA is unsupported?
@ylukem also having trouble with Google login...
@vincelwt @ylukem not sure that's the case for me. it just shows "authentication error" right off the bat, and continues to show this for the google login no matter what i try, even on the updated version
@zegladscientist @ylukem Did you try creating an app specific password ? And enable the insecure app access (only while you login) ? https://github.com/vincelwt/harm...