Hardlight VR Suit

Feel the game with this virtual reality haptics suit

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Hey Hunters! I am excited to celebrate the launch of the Hardlight VR Suit with all of you. Hardlight is an upper body haptics suit for body tracking and feedback in virtual reality. Comfortable. Sweatproof. Lightweight. Works with VR headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift; works with PC games on Steam and more. We’ve already got 15 compatible game titles and counting: HordeZ, Holopoint, BattleDome, Thrill of the Fight, Art of Fight, Desert of Danger,Snowball Fight VR, The Nest, The Wake, Overkill VR, Primal Carnage, CyberThreat, Sairent, Redout, and VRZ. Plus, developers are creating more games all the time with Hardlight's easy to use SDK. Switch to Audio Mode for haptic feedback generated by acousto-haptic signals (audio). Play any console or PC game, watch movies, or listen to music for a full-body experience. Hardlight VR is a project from a tight-knit group of gamers and VR enthusiasts excited by the possibility of great haptic immersion in games. Spun off from the University of Rochester Robotics Club, we're set to revolutionize the way users interact with virtual reality. After years of experimentation, prototyping, and testing, we're finally ready to bring the Hardlight Suit to the world. We can’t wait to hear your feedback. Check it out at www.HardlightVR.com, to learn more and back our project on Kickstarter for limited-time discounts. We’ll be here to answer any questions!
I was really interested in coming across this project on Kickstarter. What gave you the idea to build it? @morgan_sinko
@kaitlynwitman The original idea came from watching my brother try to use a Kinect for the first time. There was a major disconnect between him an his avatar. I came to the conclusion that the issue was the fact that he couldn't feel at all what he was doing. I then proposed it as a project in our Robotics lab as a way to interact with and feel virtual objects.
This is insane. Tech that imitates getting shot. 😜 cc @brian_doxtator
@rrhoover i saw this! very cool, we are all over haptics right now, it's really what takes VR to the next level, @morgan_sinko i love the product and would love to chat about incorporating it into our large scale multi-user VR system we're rolling out later this year
Is there a list of weapons that you could feel the pain? Did not show any example of Knife, sword or hydraulic press...
This is pretty badass! Any reason there were no user responses from women in the video?
@matt_aunger The footage we got this from, there weren't many women at the event and those we did get to interview asked not to be on camera. We are looking to getting more testimonials at our demos, like our upcoming one at PAX East.
@morgan_sinko figured it would probably be something like that 🙂 I saw some of your other promo material and there are loads of women using it, so it seemed odd not to have any. Excellent work 🙂