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Sergey Kudryavtsev
Sergey KudryavtsevHunter@deleted-157953
Thank you @jacqvon for your question. Three things make the game different: 1. Problem: Quick movements from the first-person view cause motion sickness. Solution: To separate an avatar and a camera. The avatar moves fast, the camera lazily follows. As a result: Dynamic gameplay with no motion sickness. 2. Problem: There are very unpleasant unnatural feelings of movement with gamepad from the first-person view. Solution: To use the third-person view. As a result: Familiar mechanic of console action games. Using third-person view is quite controversial at the first look. Everyone expects actions from the first-person view. This is our experiment with gameplay. 3. Multiplayer. The game has a local multiplayer mode. You can invite your friends and get some fun by playing in the one virtual environment! :)
Olivier El Mekki
Olivier El Mekki@oelmekki · maker
@sergkudryavtsev I like the idea of this third person view to guarantee fast pace. Indeed, the first person view in that context made me stop playing games just because of how uneasy I felt :) I have no controller yet for my cardboard, but I'm interested in trying that. Third person view may not be that shocking in VR. For now, people want to feel like they're in the skin of the main character, but I guess it won't necessary last. It's not the first time it was made in a 3d game: mario64 placed the player as a lakitu holding the camera, and it was quickly immersive enough. An idea to surf on the hype and somehow answer to people wanting first person view: tell them that in the game, they are a drone following the character :)
Sergey Kudryavtsev
Sergey KudryavtsevHunter@deleted-157953
@oelmekki, thank you for your feedback! We kept in mind enjoyable playing experience, and added a third-person camera to avoid sickness. The second step was to eliminate restrictions in controlling. VR is pretty new category in entertainment; majority of people don't have VR controllers. Yet. That's why our choice was to provide full use of a gamepad :) Thank you again for your feedback! We appreciate it!
Sergey Kudryavtsev
Sergey KudryavtsevHunter@deleted-157953
Hello Everyone! HARDCODE is a 3rd person shooter with singleplayer missions and local multiplayer. Game Development in a new medium is quite challenging: VR enhanced player experience, but imposed developers on a bunch of restrictions in game design. In our case, we wanted to avoid these restrictions and create gameplay free of compromises. HARDCODE is something in the middle between familiar console action games and expectations of VR of the future. Gameplay provides full use of a gamepad: Aiming is controlled by player's sight, avatar’s actions are activated by the gamepad. Dear product-hunters! Could you provide feedback on the game, on our experiment with gameplay? Thank you and may the Force be with you :)
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
This looks very cool and VR has got to make any game amazing! What makes HARDCORE different from other VR games?