A progressive web app for organising your plants 🌱

HappyPlants is all about organising and adding all kinds of information of your little friends. How much water does it need? In which seasons does it grow? Does it require lots of sun? Basically, creating your own plant database in a visual way. If your hobby is collecting plants, you maybe like to gather all information about your home garden.

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Ofir Choshen
Ofir Choshen@ofir_choshen · Customer Support, Pruvo
Moritz Kröger
Moritz KrögerMaker@moritz_kroger
@ofir_choshen Thanks! It's still in alpha, lot's a features incoming :)
Roland Clifford
Roland Clifford@roland_hovsepyan · videomaker
i think is not bad))
Mohammad Kayali
Mohammad Kayali@kayali · Developer
Will this remind me to water the plants?
Moritz Kröger
Moritz KrögerMaker@moritz_kroger
@kayali Hey Mohammad! Not yet, I have this feature planned though.
Jonas Karl
Jonas Karl@jonas_k · -
like it. :)
Chris Scott
Chris Scott@chrisgscott · I make stuff for pro photographers.
Is there a way to create an account so I can view my plant database from my desktop or from my mobile device?
Moritz Kröger
Moritz KrögerMaker@moritz_kroger
@chrisgscott Hey Chris! I am currently working on account functionality. As of now, everything is saved locally. When the feature is there, you'll get a notification inside the app. :) What are your preferred options for creating an account? Email or via Google/Twitter/etc?