A frictionless way to measure happiness and job satisfaction

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#1 big thanks to @andrewett for hunting us! Introducing HappyMeter, the engagement tool built specifically for simplicity. How simple? Each morning, your team receives an emoji-filled email with a single question— “How are you feeling about work today?” They have the ability to log a comment, anonymously or otherwise. And that’s pretty much it. By providing a low-friction checkpoint every day, people can raise issues small and large without having it feel like a “big thing.” Within weeks of using it internally, we’ve learned things from what projects excite people most, to new ideas to address noise in the workplace; from suggestions to improve our processes, to easily-avoidable frustrations. It has prompted us to have deeper, more meaningful conversations with each other, and improve our overall communication strategy. Now, we want to see the positive impact of HappyMeter extend past our office walls. Excited to see what you all think and answer any questions!
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Our Team @current_app used Happy Meter's Beta for over 3 months, and it was great for our team! The transparency it creates throughout the company enabled our managers and employees to have real conversations before small hiccups create even larger problems. It's also super lightweight - which is extremely important when adding a new product into your daily process. Great to see HappyMeter hit the mainstream! Best of luck to you guys!
@thejoshmoyer big thanks to you and the @current_app team for helping shape HappyMeter. Fantastic feedback that we will continue to lean on.
cool, i like the idea! website looks pretty cool too, well done.
This is a super good idea and I can really see how it could bring a lot of additional value to a team dashboard :)
@brushoej yep, the more people on the platform the better the data and trend info. When you say "team dashboard" is that something everyone can see or just leadership? Whats the back-end for databoard, any api we could integrate with?
@brentskeez Right now we are in our beta development phase, but down the line, it could be interesting with an integration.
This is very cool and low-friction. Is it possible to have an integration with Slack?
@tkondal great question and yep a slack integration is on the road map. Would you want to give named or anonymous feedback via slack?