Free twitter emotions analysis and instant poll tool



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Yuri BürgerMaker@jo_kruger · Head of AI at Zoral
There are 3 key functions in this app: 1) Twitter account analysis -- just fun feature, analyses your (or any other account) tweets for sentiments / emotions -- https://www.happygrumpy.com/twit... 2) Brand analysis -- similar to 1 but analyses tweets mentioning given brand name or subject (i.e. are people love or hate your brand) -- https://www.happygrumpy.com/publ... 3) Instant "poll" tool -- allows define up to 10 brand names, then analyses these names on daily basis (it is like survey but without questions) -- https://www.happygrumpy.com/publ... it would be great to have some feedback on each of these functions.. Thanks..
Melissa Joy KongHunterHiring@melissajoykong · Content, Product Hunt
Saw this fun tool. Not necessarily a daily utility, but kind of cool to check and see the sentiment behind personal and company tweets.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@melissajoykong they said I was only 24% happy :( definitely untrue hahaha
Yuri BürgerMaker@jo_kruger · Head of AI at Zoral
@bentossell @melissajoykong there is "world average" metric calculated as average of all accounts (more than 300K today) - currently it is 8.2, so your 24 is much more than average. There are actually not so many 100% happy accounts, you can see them here https://www.happygrumpy.com/inde...
Yuri BürgerMaker@jo_kruger · Head of AI at Zoral
@melissajoykong Two words about this tool. HappyGrumpy is a project by Zoral Labs. It began while we were experimenting with our artificial intelligence analysis of twitter data. Once we started, we couldn’t stop! HappyGrumpy is a free twitter emotions analysis and instant poll tool. It reads your recent tweets and analyses sentiments patterns and then present it in aggregated form -- your overall happiness, daily score, most positive and negative hashtags, and many more..
Yuri BürgerMaker@jo_kruger · Head of AI at Zoral
We just released new types of widgets which include Emoji, GrumpMeter, TagCloud and EmoChart widgets. Find more details here https://www.happygrumpy.com/widg... and here https://www.happygrumpy.com/widg...
Josh Robbins@josh_robbins · HIV Activist & TEDx Speaker
Yuri BürgerMaker@jo_kruger · Head of AI at Zoral
Some interesting findings (HappyGrumpy Polls): 3rd Nov CNN reports "Ben Carson leads Donald Trump nationally” http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/0... 25th Oct HappyGrumpy shows Ben Carson leads Donald Trump nationally https://www.happygrumpy.com/2016...