HappyFox Chat for Mobile

Deliver engaging live chat experience for mobile sites.

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Logo instantly made me think of http://gitlab.com! Still, looks pretty cool. :)
@lewisflude came here to say the same thing... so similar I thought this product may have been spun out of gitlab or something
@lewisflude both are great logos. Fox heads. Ours was after our name and subsequently trademarked long before they launched their new logo in 2015.
@shalin10 I like yours way more anyway. Didn't mean to come across as snide-y/trolly. Hope the launch goes really well. :)
Hi Product Hunters! Mobile live chat experience deserves more love. Today, we are happy to release our mobile responsive chat widget that would work on responsive and even on non-responsive sites. And with pro-active chats on mobile you can take conversions to the next level. Along with this release we packed in a Javascript API (https://developer.happyfoxchat.com/). Would love to hear your feedback. HappyFox Chat is free for 10 agents with unlimited chats.
@shalin10 I'm still waiting for my free HappyFox t-shirt ;P Great work here! On-site chat has always been a headache without enough support for how employees actually want to use it.
@thatmattgardner Thank you for the appreciation. I'm surprised you didn't get the t-shirt. The most successful adoption we have seen with companies is after they have started using our desktop app. I will reach out to you over email soon.
We left HappyFox a few months back because of the mobile experience - with this upgrade, we're heading straight back!
@tom_w_brown We heard you! Great to have you back Tom.
Smooth experience . Ruling customer support ! :)
@ankishsj Thank you so much for the feedback. :)
This is cool. Had a great Chat. It's quick.
@rishabh_bose Thank you for chatting with us. We are probably one of the fastest chat tools today. :)