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#4 Product of the DayJuly 16, 2015
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Hey Hunters, What Slack did for team communications and Asana did for project management, we want to do for live chat software. By designing a radically different interface, bringing data from other popular apps and offering a useful free plan (during beta period), we want to bring a big change to live chat. We’re an Irvine, California based SaaS company focused on building customer support & engagement apps. Thanks @Kwdinc for hunting HappyFox Chat (beta), Live Chat Software to engage with your website visitors. Hunters, I’m looking forward to your comments and suggestions!
@shalin10 Hey this looks really interesting, It says to check out this page to get ahead of the queue i'm #1727 ;)
@shalin10 Also really interested to compare how this stacks up against someone like LiveChat the main problem being the time delays for page load speed caused by calling an external service
@alistaircoggins We have a special for all hunters. Just go to https://happyfoxchat.com/product... to get instant access to beta. Skip the queue.
@alistaircoggins Well, HappyFox Chat is capable of delivering chat messages really fast (under 150ms). Also, the widget is lightweight. You should try it and let us know how it works out.
@shalin10 Very happy with this so far, Salesforce integration will be the killer feature I believe
Well done! Looks quite slick. Interesting pricing!
@gnownad Thank you so much. Appreciate your time to check it out. :)
Just installed on a SquareSpace retail site (www.treadfastfit.com). Took 1m and I was up and running - @manikarthik you weren't lying. Fav part is the beautiful chat transcript you get emailed after ending a convo. Very promising so far!
Looks very promising after trying it out quickly. I'll be keeping on eye on your progress. Well done.
@pdame Thanks for giving it a shot. Glad you liked it and gave us feedback over Chat. Is there any particular integration that you would like to see coming on HappyFox Chat?
Love the integrations Happy Fox has.
@sujanpatel Perhaps one with WhenIwork as well Sujan. :)