Happyfeed Android

Daily gratitude journal w/ photos, throwbacks and more 😄

Happyfeed is a simple, daily gratitude journaling app. Find more happiness by reflecting and recording 3 happy moments each day. Create a journal of positive memories you'll love to explore. Now available on iPhone, Android, and web!
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After 5 years exclusively in the App Store, I’m excited to introduce Happyfeed for Android - a simple gratitude journal 🎉 New to gratitude journaling? It’s a popular practice in positive psychology where you can train your brain to focus on positive things by building a habit of tracking positive things each day. One study claims gratitude journaling can increase your happiness by 20%. So why not use those other apps? Well, I’m a little bias but my favorite components are: - Gratitude throwbacks 1 week to 4 years ago - Fun custom reminders each day (puns, quotes, random facts, tips) - Monthly review emails with top images, words, and emoji Oh, and I used React Native to build out this version of the app. Coming from an iOS/Swift background definitely helped with understanding how and when to use certain components. Happy to chat more about the stack and React Native generally if anyone is curious! 😄 I’ll be around all day, would love feedback of any shape or size.
Yes! Glad this is finally available. Android users have been missing out for too long. @mattkandler are all of the iOS features available here as well? I'm also curious to hear more about the React Native build.. let's chat