Happyfeed Android

Daily gratitude journal w/ photos, throwbacks and more 😄

Happyfeed is a simple, daily gratitude journaling app. Find more happiness by reflecting and recording 3 happy moments each day. Create a journal of positive memories you'll love to explore. Now available on iPhone, Android, and web!
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Matt Kandler
Founder, Happyfeed
After 5 years exclusively in the App Store, I’m excited to introduce Happyfeed for Android - a simple gratitude journal 🎉

 New to gratitude journaling? It’s a popular practice in positive psychology where you can train your brain to focus on positive things by building a habit of tracking positive things each day. One study claims gratitude journaling can increase your happiness by 20%. 

So why not use those other apps? Well, I’m a little bias but my favorite components are: 
- Gratitude throwbacks 1 week to 4 years ago - Fun custom reminders each day (puns, quotes, random facts, tips) 
- Monthly review emails with top images, words, and emoji

 Oh, and I used React Native to build out this version of the app. Coming from an iOS/Swift background definitely helped with understanding how and when to use certain components. Happy to chat more about the stack and React Native generally if anyone is curious! 😄

 I’ll be around all day, would love feedback of any shape or size.
Weston Baker Creative GroupBadass Creative Agency
Yes! Glad this is finally available. Android users have been missing out for too long. @mattkandler are all of the iOS features available here as well? I'm also curious to hear more about the React Native build.. let's chat