A simple gratitude journal for iOS

Happyfeed is a private gratitude journaling app for iPhone. Post just 3 things each day and come back to see your moments from weeks or even months ago.

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Hey PH! I’m thrilled to introduce my app Happyfeed to all of you after 5 years of laying low in the App Store. Happyfeed is a gratitude journal app that focuses on making the habit super simple. Today (yes, for Thanksgiving) we added a thanking feature - so you can send your grandma a thank you for providing keto dinner options 🦃 Some things to try: - Sign up for daily reminders, especially if you like emojis - Would love feedback on the thanking flow (sorry US only...) - Use the app for a few days, gratitude can seriously work Really excited to hear your thoughts and have a conversation! I’ll be on all day when not mingling with relatives. 🧡
Great job!! 😊 Very useful