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I love the concept of adding variety to life and intersecting people new people. However the first use experience here is an example of a growing but disheartening principle: Products ask you to recommend them to friends before you have found any value from the application. I have 4 notifications which ask me to put my name against the app to my friends. Using the idea of reciprocity is fine but we need to flip it: give users something and only then they will feel obligated to do something in return.
It's only been a few hours since I installed the app and I've received one connection. Not surprising since it's fairly new. I'm curious how women feel about this though. I can see how location-tracking + dating could make some people uneasy.
I built an app like this a couple years ago. Missed connections are fascinating, and the passive nature of this app is even more interesting. One of my favorite part of reading through CL missed connections is the storytelling element: It's a library full of regret. I wonder how they can incorporate that...
I find this idea really interesting. It reminds me of Nintendo Streetpass. I just hope that rejected people will not try to find where they "met" and harass people in real life. It'd be really creepy and dangerous (and this time, report or block the user won't be enough) I'll try the app this weekend. I'm stuck in front of my computer right now, it would be strange to hit on my coworkers ;)
@syswarren let's be more specific. 13-18 year old boys.