The world’s first user drop-off management platform

User drop-offs suck! We built Hansel to address user drop-offs in key product funnels throughout the customer lifecycle by enabling product teams to create alternate user flows and to deploy customer or templated product interactions, all with no code.
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Parminder Singh
Co-Founder & CTO at Hansel.io
Hello ProductHunt! Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about the challenges that the best product teams out there face and realized that there’s no great method or solution out there to help PM’s solve for user drop-offs in their amazing products. That’s why we’ve built a no-code platform that represents a completely new way to eliminate drop-offs. Today, we're soft-launching our platform and are excited to be helping PM’s everywhere! Let us know what you think and sign up for a free trial!
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Mudit Krishna Mathur
Co-Founder & VP Engineering at Hansel.io
Here is a quick snapshot of how it works: https://youtu.be/5kku3K6xPeM
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SravanDigital Marketing Manager at Belong

The visual interface is pretty intuitive, especially being able to customise product flows based on user actions and traits. The interaction templates are pretty handy and have been easy to customise as well.(I've used the Offer, NPS and Star Rating ones). Overall experimenting has become easier and reduced the need for developer bandwidth. Being able to kick-start an experiment without making a release or writing code is a game changer.


Easily one of the best no-code platforms for product managers and product marketers.


Can't think of any.

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Akash BhatSaaS enthusiast and B2B Marketer.
"With no code" - those are the magic words that every product manager wants to hear.
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Al ChenSolutions Architect at Coda.io
I’m a strong believer in the growth and spread of no-code platforms and Hansel seems like another step in that evolution. Happy to see a solution built specifically for PMs.
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