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@khaliphj · Founder www.hiresquid.com
Hangouts chat, messenger,Allo, Duo, Google voice, Hangouts.... Make up your mind Google.
Ross Rojek
@sacbookreviewer · CTO, GoLocalApps.com, Apptoolkit.io
I saw a tweet from @mulligan this morning that was trying to explain the different chat apps. I don't know if this embed link will work (testing)  See more
Andreas Duess
@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
Google's answer to Slack. We are deeply integrated with google's services - we use G-Suite as our office suite - so both Google Meet and now Chat are interesting to us. Meet has replaced appear.in and I can see Chat become the first Slack challenger we will look at seriously. Google are on their A game at the moment, both with their hardware offerings (hug… See more
Steven Rueter
@rueter · Developer
Slack by Google
Gilles Bertaux
@gillesbertaux · Co-founder/CEO @Livestormapp
Weird considering that google is using Slack internally. One thing is certain: the bonds between chat and web conferencing are getting tighter. We even implemented some "Slack patterns" inside Livestorm live chat inside the webinar rooms.