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Hangouts chat, messenger,Allo, Duo, Google voice, Hangouts.... Make up your mind Google.
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@khaliphj don't forget Meet, launched by Google last week.
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@khaliphj yea, all the diff product names are incredibly hard to keep track of. hopefully the product itself isn't so confusing-- the deep integration plus gsuite could be a big win.
@rrhoover ha! That too. ๐Ÿ˜ž
@owenbossola Agree. It's not necessarily the product names for me, it's just the fact that they all have VERY similar functionality and can be easily combined into one (message+video) or two functioning app (messaging and video seperate)
@khaliphj and for sure, there should be running some legacy Google Talk app overthere
I saw a tweet from @mulligan this morning that was trying to explain the different chat apps. I don't know if this embed link will work (testing)
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@sacbookreviewer @mulligan It worked, and it's very helpful. Thanks!
@jennesaisquoi7 @sacbookreviewer that's just my opinion, not anything official. But it's helpful to think about it that way.
Google's answer to Slack. We are deeply integrated with google's services - we use G-Suite as our office suite - so both Google Meet and now Chat are interesting to us. Meet has replaced appear.in and I can see Chat become the first Slack challenger we will look at seriously. Google are on their A game at the moment, both with their hardware offerings (huge surprise there) and their services.
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@andreasduess seeing as slack's chat aspect is essentially IIRC on steroids (and easily copyable), it will be interesting to see how the integrations element is approached by google and others.
@thejeremycarson Very true. The integration, and willingness to be open, is one of Slack's defining features. Having said that, after an initial flurry of excitement, we have now removed almost all Slack integrations and went back to simplicity.
@andreasduess @thejeremycarson I 100% agree on integrations. Many of them cause productivity decreases as opposed to increases.
@getbrandflakes @andreasduess @thejeremycarson Totally valid, most of the fun integrations are not conducive to a work environment. But I was able to build some integrations at my last job that were super helpful, like the ability to create a bug report from inside Slack that would post to our Pivotal Board. The Slack API has a lot of power if you think of your company Slack as an OS for your team.
Slack by Google
@rueter Sure, but Slack is .... Google Wave, by No One
@colllin GW is so 2009...๐Ÿ˜‰
Weird considering that google is using Slack internally. One thing is certain: the bonds between chat and web conferencing are getting tighter. We even implemented some "Slack patterns" inside Livestorm live chat inside the webinar rooms.
@gillesbertaux where did you get that impression?