Real handwriting without the pen – no robots, all software

#2 Product of the DayJune 14, 2015
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Every letter is different, making the "font" appear as if it was handwritten. This could be especially useful for mass-printed "hardwritten" cards (example).
Wow. This is really awesome. Anyone know how much it costs? I don't really like the "contact us" model of pricing.
@mscccc Agreed. Anyone have an insight on price?
@mscccc Good job on this. Not sure about the cost of theirs, or the exact feature comparison, but at Thankster we have a handwriting API that is free.
@jimmymackin @mscccc We now have pricing listed: https://handwriting.io/pricing/. Plans start at $19/month.
So, are we back to sending handwritten greeting cards? I am all for it.👍
Looks awesome! :)
This is cool