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@megmurph, @rosical, and the HandUp team reached out last week to give us a preview of their new Campaign platform. I love the idea of giving communities the opportunity to come together crowdfund for a cause. With their help, we created a campaign for Steven, Maria, Debbie, Walter, and Catherine. Read their stories and I encourage you to contribute if you can here.
If you are in the mood, please consider contributing to my campaign focusing on raising money for employment needs of homeless people: https://handup.org/campaigns/boris
@bwertz Love HandUp so much. Was wondering... lots of room to help locally (here in Vancouver.) How did you chose the beneficiaries of your campaign. Is HandUp focused on America for now? Same question to the @ProductHunt team- How did you choose? Is their a matching process for who you partner with? What's that process like.
@bwertz @ProductHunt @mackflavelle I can answer your first question - Boris' campaign is focused on people in need whose goals relate to employment opportunity on HandUp. That could be something like new work apparel for job interviews, or a certification course to be a security guard. Right now HandUp is focused on the US with partners in San Francisco, Oakland, Detroit and Corvallis, OR.
So proud of rose and the hand up team--they keep innovating!
I'll never forget my first HandUp experience on the street outside a bar in SF. Floored me, and I immediately tweeted at @rosical to grab coffee and hear more. So impressed with her and the progress they've made so far. One my favorite products.
@rosical @dshan Thanks for sharing that experience Derek and for your support!
Love the mission here! You all are doing some great work. Keep it up!