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Find all 37 words!
@emtaheri 37! Wow, I am not doing well so far haha
@emtaheri Got 36! You sure there's 37?
@emtaheri I've found all of them! SPOILER ALERT https://gist.github.com/mmathys/...
This is weird and really fun! Can you find all the hidden words? I've found about 6 of them.
This is so ridiculous and awesome at the same time 😅
I'm going down this list but I've only found 4 so far :-( http://www.wordfind.com/3-letter...
OK I went off-list and found a few more
I've got 8!! EDIT: Up to 14 now, i'm on hold with wells fargo this is saving my life
16. Ok I'm done now