Speed up your development process with Handoff, the fastest way to turn your designs into code, specs and assets for your dev team.

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Hi everyone, Following the release of our API - we have another exciting release for the Marvel Platform. Handoff automatically turns your designs into code, specs and assets, all available on a single link you can share with your whole dev team. The best bit? Handoff appears right next to the prototype so anyone can go from how it works to how to start building. Everything stays updated in real-time as you make changes to the designs or prototype, meaning your developers have the most up-to-date version of your specs and assets (works great with our Slack and Jira integrations too!) Check out this example https://marvelapp.com/4aac030/sc... Sign up for free and get started, first 2 projects on the house. | [https://marvelapp.com/signup]
@mutlu82 Congratulations on your product launch :) Random thought : Target companies who are hiring for developers and designers. Will be an awesome fit for you.
@mutlu82 Congrats on the launch!
@shreyaa_ratra Thank you !! Great idea ;)
@haneefghanim Thanks Haneef!
@mutlu82 I'm trying to run handoff on my prototype but when I click on the button I see this message "No code handoff. Use our Sketch plugin or Design tool to generate code specifications here.", I'm using the Sketch plugin
Still doesn't support psds
Congrats on the new release! How is this different from Zeplin or Figma?
@datooab I'm already pushing my Sketch designs to marvel prototypes, so this means I don't have to use yet another program for handoff.
This is so great! No more PSD cutting I believe 😉
Great job!! 😊 Is it useful for the beginners who are new to design development?
@ayush_chandra I think it would definitely help you get familiar with it and speed up getting started from your designs!