Handle It

Automatically schedules appointments for you

Handle.it calls and makes appointments for you. We make life simpler for you, period. No more rushing around, no more mundane tasks, just more time for you and your loved ones.

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I can totally see the value in this service, but has anyone actually tried it? Also, I assume that this is US only from this part: "When you create an account with Handle.it we ask for your zip code. We use that as a point of reference for booking appointments in your local area." since they only refer to a ZIP code and no country. It's funny to me how some American companies seem to be unaware that other countries exist and that people from outside the US could stumble upon their website, so they don't say anywhere on the website "Service only available in the US".
@anna_0x it has an .IT domain, so it should be working at least in Italy :D
Came across this cool little tool which books appointments automatically for you, considering how much time is spent just organising meetings, this is a great tool for productivity.
@aaronoleary Thanks for sharing!
I just signed up to test this out. If it works, it's definitely something I could see using as a "personal assistant" to make life a little easier. Will have to update after my trial.
@prsarahevans Did you give it a try? How did it work out?

The perfect tool for a procrastinator like me! I've already checked off two things from my todo list...which had been there for months. Oil change here I come.


Time save yes, but really being able to check stuff off my to-do list is most important.


Seems like a young company. But for what they do, do they do it well. Not sure how scalable this model is.

This service has helped me to set-up my dog's vet appointment, car tire rotation appointment, kids' doc appointments and a haircut appointment in the past few months. These were items on my ToDo list that I never have time for. Not only did Handle It call the business to create the appointment, they also sent me a calendar invite so that I had all the details. Super simple. Love it.


I like the ability to text my requests. During my commute, on-the-go, after business hours, etc. Life is too short to be put on hold.


Not clear if it's AI, human or combination. Who cares really, as long as it works well.