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Thanks for hunting us @bentossell! Handle helps people focus on the most important things everyday. Salespeople get CRM. Helpdesk gets support software. But unfortunately for most jobs, people end up using their email inbox to direct their attention, and it simply isn’t the right tool for the job. Handle is the first tool to recognize the inbox as a critical source of tasks, but not the right tool to execute out of. We replace the cobbled-together hacks - email stars, mark unread, snooze, sticky notes, emailing yourself, fake calendar appointments, and paper lists - with a simple workflow tool that integrates enterprise email, calendar, and a smart to-do list into a unified experience based on productivity best practices. Check us out and let me know if you have any questions!
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Happy to vote this product up. I been using this for the past 6 months, took a little break and came back a couple of weeks ago. This simplifies the day to day mundane tasks of organizing/tasking email, along with an integrated full functioned to-do app and full feature calendar app. It's replaced 3 apps on my home screen. I'm surprised this unified approach isn't more popular. But besides talking up the features, I've been extremely impressed with how often this company updates, and how focused the updates are. I had an issue and their customer support was back to me quickly and kept the line of communication open. Kudos to a great app and a great company guys. One feature request - dedicated Mac App with email pleeeeeaaaassssse! :) I have multiple gmail accounts and I hate having multiple tabs open in Chrome. I still use Airmail as my "catch all" for email and if I need to task something, i open Handle on my phone and take care of it there instead of having 7 tabs open for all the email accounts. Any development over on Android as well?
@merekdavis Thanks for the kudos, sorry just read the top on my phone. We have Android on the billet for early next year! What if we integrated w/ Airmail instead? We are moving towards workflow across all your streams.
@shawnvc even better 😄 thanks for the follow up.
has anything changed since last time it was posted? (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) all the screenshots etc are the same
@_jacksmith looks like new assets were being shared across both portals, but yes, we've added a TON!!! Here's the list since our last PH feature, in reverse chronological order. - Email 3D Touch Peek & Pop - Force touch an email to quickly preview it - Filtered Push Email Notifications - Not every email deserves your attention. Get notifications only when important ones arrive - To-do Delegation - Delegate to-dos to colleagues or friends via email even they aren't Handle users - To-do Receipts - When you turn an email into a to-do Handle will automatically let the sender know that you're working on it - 1Password & LastPass Integration - Sign into Handle without having to remember your password - Deep iOS 9 support, like split screen on the iPad. - Easy access to shortcuts for email compose, create to-do, and create event when using 3D Touch on the app icon. - Quick Swipe - We simplified and streamlined the email triage experience by removing less used functions, made actions entirely gestural, and tuned the animations just right so clearing the inbox and creating to-dos feels better than ever. - All-new onboarding - Several rounds of user testing pointed us to where first-time users were getting stuck so we could clarify messaging and get people productive quickly. - Enterprise-quality Cloud Sync - We retired Dropbox to streamline & supercharge Handle Cloud sync across your iPhone, Mac, PC, tablet, and Apple watch. - Background sync - data stays fresh as you move between phone and desktop to get your work done. - Smart Notes - Open web links, make phone calls, and get directions with a single tap - Inbox Filters - Quickly sort your inbox to see only starred or unread messages. - Tons of UX and animation improvements - little delight nuggets throughout, header animation that keeps count of emails triaged, animations as footer transitions, - Email improvements - more robust HTML email rendering, better previews in inbox view, bug fixes, speedups. - Calendar Agenda View - See today's to-dos and calendar items in a single view - Unscheduled View - Maintain a prioritized list of unscheduled items separate from today's plan for when time opens up. - To-do Filters - Toggle between all of your to-dos or just those that are unscheduled with one tap. - Faster Navigation - Move between email, to-dos, and calendar faster than ever. - Smart To-do Creation - Add a to-do from anywhere with just 1-tap and it will go to the right place. - Time-Based To-dos - Prioritize to-dos by time and see them exactly when you're supposed to. - iPad Landscape Mode Your (numerous) requests have been heard, enjoy! - To-do Completion Tones - Every completed to-do deserves a mini celebration. Now you can ring in each achievement with a custom tone - Custom signatures for email – You can now use a single custom signature for all your email accounts or setup custom ones for each - Siri Integration – Capture your new ideas as fast as you can say "remind me to..." - Apple Watch Launch - Wrist-sized bits of Handle for capturing to-dos, seeing what's next, and catching reminders so you never miss a thing - Repeating to-dos - To-dos can be set to repeat every day, week, month, or year Thanks for asking!
@Shawn I've been wanting this feature set ever since I first tried https://teuxdeux.com/ Looking forward to checking Handle out. Any plans to sync with Outlook? Unfortunately, that's what we use for email and our calendars at work.
@chris_smeder great work on teuxdeux! Visualizing in time is a key part of the problem as well. Yup, exchange on the roadmap.
@shawnvc @chris_smeder Awesome! (Just to be clear, TuexDeux is not my app).