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#2 Product of the DayApril 03, 2019
Handl is a tool to label and manage data for machine learning. You can use the qualified crowd onboard or bring your team. Whatever you have, images, texts or sounds, we have a complete set of tools to do the job.
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Greetings Hunters, Dima from Handl here. I’m thrilled to introduce you to Handl, a tool to label and manage data for machine learning. On Handl, you will get your high-accuracy datasets with ease. We employ 25k qualified crowdworkers, who have labeled more than 6 million images, texts and sounds for tech companies and startups so far. Handl crowdworkers work remotely mostly from developing countries and get paid up to 3$/ho for their effort. If your labeling requires some special skills, you can invite your in-house team to do the job. We have a complete set of tools to cover data annotation needs: classes, bounding boxes, polygons, text input, and text segmentation, all easy to use and neat. Select and combine them the way you like. Above that, you can manage, share and safely store your datasets from here. Unlike MTurk and similar microtasking services, Handl stands for machine learning data labeling only. This allows us to acquire, train and qualify our crowd to perform labeling at the highest accuracy level on the market. Our consensus algorithm ensures quality by assigning the same task to a number of crowdworkers, until the proper accuracy is reached. Try Handl here — https://handl.ai On the occasion of the launch, Hunters get free annotations of up to 1,000 images or texts with the “PRODUCTHUNT” code. Follow the link — https://handl.ai/form We are happy to get your feedback and answer any questions. Cheers.
Yes, yes, yes!!! We'd definitely use it
@tony_urban looking forward to it!
Definitely going to try this out! Also I love the thumbnail!
@aaronoleary pleasure to hear that!
Wish Golden Kitty for Handl's kitty! Meow! 🐾
Great job guys!