Halide 1.7

An updated depth camera with AR photo review

We built Halide as the very best camera for iPhones — heck, for any smartphone — and we always want Halide to be ahead of the curve. So today we’re launching Halide 1.7, a huge update that packs tons of new features and enhancements to make it the very best camera for depth. It packs portrait mode, depth tools, AR review of depth photos and more!

Hey folks – I do the design of Halide, my friend Ben the development. We're super excited to see what kind of photos you'll be taking with our newly updated camera. The focus (ha) is really on depth here: we really wanted to build the best camera for depth capture, and we bring new things to the table like portrait mode with zero waiting, depth peaking and AR reviewing of your depth shots. Let me know what you think!
@sdw Amazing work guys! Have loved Halide since I first using it and the depth shots were the last thing I needed to be able to drop my other camera apps and move over fully!
If I buy sony a7 iii it will be the fault of Halide. It made me interested in photography by making me take great pictures with the phone and start to learn to edit them. At the same time it made me avare of the limitations of the small sensors of even the newest devices.