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Hello guys, my name is Andrey and I​ am HackStore CEO. Feel free to ask any questions to me! Let's say couple words about HackStore. HackStore it is an amazing free alternative of AppStore for side developers and apps for Mac OS. It is a place where you can find tons of useful and unique applications for almost any your wish. In our store, we have thousands of free and paid applications, which are so simple to install! We not taking any fees or additional charges for using our store. Just a pure freedom, pure happiness and the best user experience!
@tt22_dev cool stuff but why would I want to use your store instead of app store?
@arturkiulian Hello Artur, you can use both! Because a lot of apps in our store will never be in AppStore. AppStore has a lot of restrictions for open source software, for system software like CleanMyMac or open source software like Paintbrush for example. HackStore - is a free home for almost any kind of applications. We are trying to build a place where every developer and user can find a way to each other. Without any restrictions or charges.
@tt22_dev it all makes sense but do you have any kind of moderation over there? cause I mean app store has credibility with all those restrictions that save our macs from being corrupt haha
@arturkiulian of course, we have special editor team who checking each app and updates before they appearing online in our store. For us it is usually takes 3-5 days to upload newly​ submitted app in our store.
@tt22_dev cool, just make sure you tell that to people on your landing because I bet this is a number one concern for such kind of ecosystem.
So basically it's like Cydia for the Mac?
@romanzadyrako Yeah, kind of. But you do not need to jailbreak.
Wow, did you just email me back me username and password? What a joke, getting removed and I wouldn't trust anything coming from this app.
@allanmacgregor Hello Allan, we already noticed that that was a bug because we just setup transactional emails with sensible. My team will fix this bug asap. Otherwise, we do not store any your personal data on our servers. Your other data stay secured on the FastSpring side. especially​ when you buying some apps. If you find some other bugs, please let me know or contact me privately for any questions. andrey@hack-store.com
@allanmacgregor : I agree, major security issue with the password sent in the confirmation email after account validation + there is no way to delete the account one created. Not reassuring enough for me. Sorry.
@gdhios Hello. Thanks for your reply. As I said Password issue it's a temporary bug. We will fix it on Monday. About account delete just asks our support and they will delete the account for you. With AppStore, you can't delete your account without apple support too. Anyways, we do not store any your private information, only your email so you shouldn't​ be afraid about it.
Hey! I`m happy to see your project ar PH. It`s pretty nice!
I have installed it. The UI needs to be polished to reach an Apple app standard. I'm gonna check it from time to time for new apps! :)
@nicolasegosum Thank you for your feedback, ​Nicolas! We will keep working to improve UI and usability.