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Podcast, Newsletter & Blog about Product Design & Creation

Hacking UI is a Podcast, Newsletter & Blog about Product Design, Creative Entrepreneurship, and Front End Development, brought to you Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner

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Just saw a RT from @MengTo about Hacking UI on their curation of the best design resources He is a fantastic maker, here are some of the products he made I'm sure lots of designers will find awesome value in the curation here
@bentossell @mengto Hey! Thanks a lot!! Just to update - the makers of Hacking UI are me and @dmtintner
@sagishrieber @mengto @dmtintner apologies! Welcome :) Tell us about this project
@bentossell Yeah, gladly :) @HackingUI is the side project of @dmtintner and mine. It's a Product Design & Development magazine and (awesome) newsletter (Sign up available here: http://hackingui.com/sign-up/). We also have a new Podcast with a first season named 'Scaling a Design Team' ( https://www.producthunt.com/podc...). You can read al about our story here: http://hackingui.com/inspiration... The resources page is a list of resources that we shared on our newsletter + on HUI.
A great resource page. And the email sign up process is hilarious!
@hamutsi haha thanks a lot man glad you liked it!
Best design resource out there. I'm using it every time I need some inspiration. Thanks guys!
@noamsch Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it!
Fantastic source. I spent about an hour exploring stuff on the website. Beautifully done @sagishrieber very helpful. Looking forward to your updates. :)