Hacking Sales (Book)

The Playbook For Building a High Velocity Sales Machine

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Huge congrats to Max Altschuler (disclosure: he's my business partner at CMX) on releasing this book, with interviews with most of the leading sales experts in the industry right now. One of the smartest and most connected sales people I know, he's curated some of the best hacks being used today to streamline the salesprocess. Great read for anyone who's thinking through their sales strategy and figuring out what tools/systems to put into place.
Sounds great! How does this compare to @steli's book?
@steli @tomsoderlund Steli's (fantastic) book is geared toward entrepreneurs and goes into valid dating businesses and the basics. Hacking Sales is really for people who already have product market fit and want to figure out how to scale. We also cater to the individual rep or manager at the large corp that just wants to make the process more efficient. We also introduce over 150 sales tools to use along the way.
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@maxalts what made you write this book?
@maxalts Website seems to be down at the moment.
@davidspinks four years of hard work helping build sales processes at startups. I wanted to solve the problem for founders and sales reps that are trying to build companies and don't know where to start. There are barely any college or high school classes on sales, so the only way to learn is by doing. I figure I could save some people time. Sales has changed so much over the past 3 years and technology is finally being built for salespeople. Startups have always needed to generate more revenue using fewer resources. Companies can use this as their playbook and tool guide to figure that out.