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Thanks for sharing Hacking Growth, @hnshah! Hey everyone, Sean and I have spent the last couple of years trying to put together a definitive playbook on how to create sustainable growth. Hacking Growth is the outcome. It's not a recipe book of hacks but rather an overview on how to build your company for growth and run the high-tempo experimentation process necessary to drive growth. The book is broken down into two parts: Part I: The Method, which covers building a growth team, ensuring your product is a must-have, finding your growth levers and experimenting at a high tempo. Part II: The Playbook, which shows you how to apply rapid experimentation to drive growth across your entire customer journey: acquisition, activation, retention and monetization. It's received really great early feedback from lots of people we respect, and we hope you'll check it out. If you pick it up, email us the receipt at hackinggrowthbundle@gmail.com for an invite to a special live Q&A Sean and I are doing in a couple of weeks. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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@morganb Nice! Is this the follow on from Growth Engines ? Growth Engines was actually one of the first books I read when diving into the startup world! Will be checking this out
@bentossell Hey Ben, yes, this is the result of all the research and case studies in Growth Engines. It took a bit longer than we thought to synthesize and put it all together, but Hacking Growth takes all that we've learned through our careers and our research and interviews and boils it down into a framework that can work (hopefully) for any company. Looking forward to your thoughts!
Thank you for sharing @hnshah ! This book was definitely a labor of love and we're very excited to finally have it be publicly available. It was not a easy task to distill decades of experience and research into a single actionable book, but that was our goal for Hacking Growth. I'm confident that all readers will significantly increase their abilities to accelerate sustainable growth for worthy products. Looking forward to everybody's feedback!
@morganb is it going to be in audio format? // @hnshah
@sethlouey @morganb @hnshah Yes, it's available on Audible now with narration by Morgan and me.
Funny, I get asked all the time if you could recommend one book to read - what would it be? I always struggle with this question because there's so many to choose from and nothing has really made its way above the fray...until now. Was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this book early and its definitely the best book I've read on growth and marketing + doing it in a healthy, sustainable way. Congrats on the launch @morganb @seanellis
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@everette Thanks Everette, means a ton coming from you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Like I mentioned in my post https://medium.com/@alexisdolle/... I think this is the best book ever written on Growth Hacking :) A lot to learn for all Marketers! Great Job @SeanEllis and @MorganB
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@alexisdolle @seanellis Thanks Alexis, we really appreciate it!
For me, this is the "Learn Startup" (and more, imo) for the Growth hacking world - that essential book that you can keep going back to when you need a guide on your journey. This is also about as close as you can get to have the OG's of growth giving you advice on demand, which should make it a complete no-brainer.
@anujadhiya Thanks Anuj! You're the man πŸ™Œ
Two of the best marketers I know, Morgan and Sean, have written (finally!) THE guidebook to growth hacking and marketing. If your mandate is to drive high leverage and consistent growth, then this book is your new best friend. :)
@pv Thanks for all the support and help along the way Patrick! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
@pv Thanks, awesome to finally capture the details of the concept in a book that you and I conceived several years ago over drinks with @hnshah .