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Dave Zohrob
Dave ZohrobMaker@dzohrob · cofounder & CEO, Chartable.com
Hi PH! We're excited to share Hacker Daily with you here. We started the podcast as a "Minimum Viable Podcast" last week, covering headlines from Y Combinator's Hacker News, and we've been surprised and humbled by the response from the community. On Friday we also started covering launches from Product Hunt at the end of the show. We'd love to hear your feedback! Thanks in advance.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Hey, @dzohrob and @smock! Curious what crazy ideas for content or marketing you've considered exploring. We're picking up the Product Hunt podcast soon so this is top of mind for me now. 😊
Dave Zohrob
Dave ZohrobMaker@dzohrob · cofounder & CEO, Chartable.com
@smock @rrhoover Hey Ryan! Great question. :) We started Hacker Daily specifically to target readers of Hacker News—we thought that maybe folks would like to get HN stories outside the context of their phones or laptops. And we guessed that a daily podcast would be more compelling than something weekly. Starting with the HN community has given us a strong initial set of subscribers, which is great—but as we've delved into the podcast world, we've found that reaching new listeners is a huge problem for podcasters, and finding new podcasts is also problematic for listeners. So we're brainstorming on ideas for how we might reach more listeners. Our biggest source of new subscribers outside of HN has been trending on the Pocket Casts app, which we obviously love but didn't plan on. :) Content-wise, we began with pretty simple summaries of HN top stories, but based on listener feedback, we're starting to add more of our own commentary and analysis. Covering stories from HN has also led us to include content that doesn't seem to be talked about elsewhere, like HN commentary (there's lots of gems!), tweetstorms, Show HN posts, our personal reading list, and Product Hunt launches (well, at least till the PH podcast comes back). We've learned a ton in the last couple of weeks and we're looking forward to learning more, and (hopefully) finding some ways to improve distribution and discovery. And we're looking forward to the PH podcast!
Pali Madra
Pali Madra@palimadra · palimadra
Love the concept and other resources should be explored. Pleasantly surprised with the changing content over the week. Gutsy but should be paying off. I was wondering what kind of podcasting experience did the founders have? Best of luck!
Dave Zohrob
Dave ZohrobMaker@dzohrob · cofounder & CEO, Chartable.com
@palimadra Hey Pali! Thanks for the feedback. Neither of us has any podcasting experience. I think this might be @smock's first time recording his voice... I did radio back in college, but that was 15 years ago now. :) It's been a super-fun learning experience for both of us.
Herman Ng
Herman Ng@hermanng · Product & Engineering at AngelList
@palimadra @smock @dzohrob I've got secret recordings of @smock's voice. Will sell to the black market one day