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Hackathon Match is dating site for Hackathons! Built primarily for the Product Hunt Global Hackathon, to get as many people hacking as possible.

Users are able to list themselves and search the other participants by the skills have have and those they looking for.

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    A way to connect and contribute



    Good initiative that supports the building of teams. Thanks

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Mubashar IqbalMakerPro@mubashariqbal · 2016 Maker of the Year.
@nickabouzeid Thanks for the hunt! I'm pretty excited about the upcoming Global Hackathon (https://www.producthunt.com/hack...), and after it was announced saw that a lot of people where looking for collaborators. I didn't see an easy way to make the match of the different skills that people where offering and those they were seeking, so I built Hackathon Match. Yes it's a dating site for Hackathons! It's easy to get listed, just sign in with your product hunt account and provide a little bit of information about your skills, etc. You can search the other participants by their skills they have or those that they are seeking. Let me know if I should add any other skills or if you any other suggestions. Let's get everyone hacking!
Nick AbouzeidHunterHiring@nickabouzeid · Ship & Growth at Product Hunt ⛵
@mubashariqbal Thanks for building this Mubs! The entire community appreciates you 🙏
Tkachenko Arthur@arthur_tkachenko
@nickabouzeid @mubashariqbal let's keep this project alive after PHH
Mubashar IqbalMakerPro@mubashariqbal · 2016 Maker of the Year.
@nickabouzeid @arthur_tkachenko Actually a few people have asked about using something like this for their own hackathon/event. Haven't decided how that will work yet, but does sound like people want a service like this outside of PHH 😃
mihir @mhrnik
@mubashariqbal Maybe a drop down where a user can choose hackathon !?
Tkachenko Arthur@arthur_tkachenko
@nickabouzeid @mubashariqbal good to know! i like when products are needed. Make it BIG!
Mahendra Rao@mahendra_rao · Quick Learner and a total negotiator
Mubashar IqbalMakerPro@mubashariqbal · 2016 Maker of the Year.
Chris FrantzPro@frantzlight · Building presskite.com
This was really helpful in building my team so I decided to build huntathon.com as the next step after matching and building an upcoming page. Thanks for the inspiration @mubashariqbal 💡
Mubashar IqbalMakerPro@mubashariqbal · 2016 Maker of the Year.
@frantzlight Great to hear! Awesome to see all the projects listed in one place.
Michael Nakayama@michael_nakayama · Software dev and entrepreneur
Awesome product. Really cool, great UI. Only wish would be for more specificity in tags for skills. Something similar to StackOverflow where you can list specific technologies and frameworks, which could be a barrier to cooperation.