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Ben Halpern@bendhalpern · Founder of dev.to
I like the concept. I think that the website overuses the term "hack", making all the copy and instructions kind of confusing. A conceptual winner, needs better explainer copy.
hackajob foundersMakerHiring@itsmarkchaffey · Co-Founders
@bhalp1 Thanks for the feedback. We're currently working on removing some of the buzzwords to make the copy easier to understand.
Ben Halpern@bendhalpern · Founder of dev.to
hackajob foundersMakerHiring@itsmarkchaffey · Co-Founders
Hi Guys
Russell Barnard@russellbarnard · Co-founder of Snappd - Also a developer
@itsmarkchaffey Hello, do you have any screenshots of the hacks page? Would be interesting to see this as at the moment its looks like the only way of seeing it would be to begin one.
Cameron Banowsky@cbanowsky · hacker
hackajob@hackajob_co · Co-Founders
Hi Guys, Mark and Raz here, the co-founders of hackajob. Firstly, we're super excited that we've been featured on Product Hunt! We've been working on hackajob since November; it was conceived out of the frustration involved in the typical job application process. We believe we've built a more engaging way to apply for a job, giving developers and engineers the chance to prove just how good they are. We pushed the first beta version live in mid December and since then have had more than 4,000 users sign up, with over 1,500 hacks completed and companies including SkyScanner, Qubit and Huddle using us. We're really keen to hear everyone's feedback, good and bad, so please let us know your thoughts! Thanks, Raz and Mark