Habitify for macOS

Form good habits & save the most of your time, anywhere.

Habit Tracker for macOS is a super minimal and straightforward Habit Tracker that does exactly what it is designed to do: Help you form good habits. No complicated setup, no colorful taggings, no flying animation and (yes!) no ads.

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Hi Product Hunters, I'm Peter Vu, founder of Habitify. I and my team first launched Habitify 1.0 nearly 2 years ago. Our plan was to successfully deliver the message "Better you, better world" by helping users to build their good habits with minimum of their effort. Today, we are launching Habitify 4.0 with huge excitement. Habitify now has the ability to sync the data among all the devices in Apple eco-system (on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch). Habitify, with the same impression from the very beginning: simple, clean and intuitive, is now equipped with new important features: - Add notes for habits: remember every events in the habit days. - Dark mode: use Habitify in your own way. - X-callback feature: integrate with other automated workflow apps. We're always striving to give users the best experience with Habitify. Feel free to reach out to us to give your feedback our make suggestions. And thank you Product Hunt team for such a great community, we would never be here without you guys.
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Habitify has always been my go-to when it comes to daily routine tracking. I thought I could never use it on my Mac but finally!


- It's dead simple and does what it says

- Silky smooth UI/UX

- Syncs nicely between all devices

- Very responsive support team (Huge PLUS!)


- I have to wait too long for this Mac version!

A simple little app for the big change you are looking for, Congrats for the new version team!
@navinkulkarni Thanks Navin! Can't wait to hear how you think about the new version!
@navinkulkarni Hello there, Habitify is finally on Android, we would be really greatful if you drop by and give us some support. The magic link: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
The best habit app I've used. Pros: - Interface is well thought-out - Lots of useful configuration options - Syncs between iOS and Mac - Has some really great analytics - You can export the data to .csv, I think they said they are working on JSON export Cons: - I've discovered some minor bugs, but they are really quick to respond and seem to be delivering regular updates - The analytics screen shows you your top habits, when I'd rather see the ones I need to work on - The Mac app doesn't offer anything more than the iOS app at this stage, but it's useful to be able to have it open on machine Overall a really great app. Hoping to see more stats and graphs progress tab in a future update.
@benwwd Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! We actually are working on more analytics for all habits, not just the top habits :) About the Mac app, yes at this stage is mostly similar to the iOS version. But we've had a solid plan to add more unique features to it in the upcoming months! Please stay tuned ^^
@benwwd Hello there, Habitify is finally on Android, hope you will drop by and give us such detailed feedback just like this. The magic link: https://www.producthunt.com/post...

Habifity follows a simple concept, but it is super effective. I‘ve been using it on my iPhone for quite some time and it helped me with some habits! It doesn‘t just remind me but also motivate me, especially with the statistics and streaks.


- Beautiful experience

- Very effective

- Great functionalities


- No cons for me