Habit List

Manage habits w/ a clean interface showing streaks & trends

Create good habits, break unhealthy ones, build a better you.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Been a huge fan of this app for a long time. Love that you can specify a habit to be say 3 times a week or twice a month etc rather than every day - attractive interface & responsive developers. Glad to see it on PH surprised it wasn't already.
@helencrozier Love to hear you're still using the app!
I already downloaded habit list nice UI and 5 star app! It should be more visible in app store check their visibility score : http://bit.ly/habitlistappscore
Fantastic! I've actually wanted to build an app exactly like this and it looks like they nailed it.
@Dexwell_ isn't that the best?
@kaz who made this? I mean, I found the founders' names in the press kit but why did they build this? How did you find out about it?
@imkialikethecar wish I had a good answer :) Hope they'll join the conversation soon: https://twitter.com/HabitList/st...
Habit List was built because my to-do lists and calendars were getting cluttered with repeating items, so I went in search of an app to take care of them. I didn’t find anything that did exactly what I wanted. Many would track your streaks, but only for items you had to do every day. So if you wanted to workout every M-W-F, when you didn't complete your habit on Tuesday your streak would be broken. Not very motivating. Also, I found that a lot of apps had way too much clutter, and simply listed all of your habits in a long list. So you’d have to go through them all and figure out what to do. Every day. Why show your M-W-F workout habit on the weekend? I easily lose focus if I run into resistance, so we worked hard to minimize decision fatigue.
@kaz Thanks for listing us, happy to answer any questions.
@dunlap_scott sure thing, thanks for building a great product!