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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 27, 2015
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In my Wunderlist, there is a list titled "Mourning Routine" which I start working through immediately after waking up and another titled "Evening Routine" which I go through before going to bed. Having a Morning routine is a very effective way to add new habits. I cant wait to move those lists from Wunderlist to Habi and give this app a shot. I hope I'm not disappointed. Great Hunt @micfitzgerald
@felixoginni Cheers Felix. Hope you're not disappointed either! :)
App seems to keep crashing with me, can't seem to open it on iOS9
@samdickie87 Sorry to hear that. We're looking into it. iOS 9 was released while our app was being reviewed by Apple.
Looks nice! Having a morning routine to prevent decision fatigue before even opening the door is a great way to go. I really like how @NathanBarry's Commit approaches this showing you how big of a chain you've accomplished. Lots of times once you've got a good momentum going you can tell yourself, "I deserve a day off." His really counteracts this great. http://www.producthunt.com/tech/...
@benwtnb Thanks Ben. Habi I guess extends on @NathanBarry's concept with habit 'stacks'. BTW... there's an option in Habi to have stats on each habit.
Forgot to give an overview, so here goes... Where Habi came from: I like mornings, especially when others are sleeping, I feel I'm stealing a march on the day. The best days I have are the ones when I go through a morning routine (or habit stack) that includes stretches (DIY yoga), sit-ups, reading, and planning my day. From actually doing this and also giving some talks on "carving out a new slice of time in your day" (see my Techgate talk in 2014 http://www.slideshare.net/micfit... ), I decided to create an app for it. Standard todo apps were just not fitting the role as they had too many reminders/notifications for each habit in the stack. And apps like Coach.me, while they are nice, they were overkill for simple reminders like "Take vitamins." Hope this gives a good background. Thanks to all for giving the time to check out Habi and give feedback and vote. Mic.
It seems the app is dead?
@ivanpasikun Nope, the application is here to stay! Works nice in the latest iOS 10.
@panzerdp are you going to make any updates?
@ivanpasikun You can leave your feedback here. Probably the app owner (not me) will consider them for future versions.