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We're super excited to be on Product Hunt today 🚀🎉 We'd love to hear you feedback, questions and how we can make Haaash more awesome. If you signup this week, email s@haaash.com referencing this post, our team will be happy to get you started by manually converting your docs into the Haaash format, we'll set up also for you a one year free account. Thank you!
@malihsoufian congrats on the launch. I'd love to understand why you chose Twitter-only signup.
@brittjmartin Thank you Brittany! nothing but for having more control on the launch process of the MVP. Also to get a minimum information about the creators in a frictionless way. We're planning to expand on that and add more signup options very soon.
When connecting with Twitter, it currently asks for a lot of rights (including updating profile, etc...); could you restrict it to only the minimum?
@sylvainutard Yes absolutely! Publishing permission is for the feature of "Auto-Tweeting" answers. We can remove the permission and put the feature on-demand.
This seems to lack a CMS for publishing a knowledgebase... Like HelpJuice or Readme.io. Is my impression correct? This is kind of like a UserVoice replacement?
@chrismessina Thank you for your question. In fact Haaash is a CMS for publishing a knowledge base but under the format of questions and answers. Product makers can add every possible question about the product along with answers in Haaash. The fun part is that it's a knowledge base and a plateforme in once. If a user/customer doesn't find his answer he can ask, more than that he can answer another users' questions. Every new answered question adds up to the knowledge base. We can say that Haaash is a dynamic, social & collaborative knowledge base that reduces massively direct/one-to-one customer support time.
@malihsoufian ok, thanks. Not what I'm looking for, but appreciate the success that StackOverflow has had with the technical crowd!
@chrismessina indeed Stackoverflow has a good success with the tech crowd
Looking forward to making use of this!
This is cool!
@aravindamodaran Thank you Aravin :)