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#5 Product of the DayNovember 24, 2016
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Hi ProductHunters! Super excited to share Haash with you today! 🎉🎉🎉 Thanks @jedgar and @erictwillis for hunting us! A lot of help/support discussions today are going inside either private chat or private ticketing support systems which is leading to a closed-internet, where lot of knowledge is encapsulated or lost in the vacuum of a discussion. This is costing both brands and internet users a lot of precious time. * Brands who find themselves answering the same questions again and again and decides finally to transcribe these discussions into docs (which costs additional time) * Internet users who need to get in touch with support and start a new discussion to get informations they could have found in milliseconds seconds (By Googling). We believe that these discussions if they go public in a proper format (the Quora/stackoverflow way where users can ask about the product and brands can answer) we’ll save the internet a big amount of time.  We’ve always been looking up to DigitalOcean support community https://www.digitalocean.com/com... and how they used a community-centric support model to rapidly break into one of the hardest markets. We wanted to make following this approach for everyone easy and accessible and built Haash as a smart super-simple (DigitalOcean-like) support communityyou can fire up in less than 3 minutes. Love to hear your feedback and answer any question!
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@malihsoufian love seeing this product evolve. Thanks for powering startup study group FAQ! https://ssg.haash.io/
@charlesjo Thanks Charles! My pleasure!
@malihsoufian hey, I see more signups for SSG Haash support page!
Great looking product!
@loaibassam Thanks Leo glad you like it!
I'm looking for something like this! @malihsoufian is it possible to create an invite only knowledge hub with Haash? So only give access to people you invite?
@bramk Hi Bram! Glad it's what you'r looking for! The current version does not support invite-only signup but we have it on our very short list. You can however tweak it, meanwhile, by enabling moderation for new signups. Only those you approve can get in.
@malihsoufian awesome, that's enough to get started :)
Nice product. But I just miss those days where I could just use/test something without requiring my twitter/facebook/phone nr/email or anything. I would just come in. Use it. And if I m interested give up my personal informations.
@ekambos Thanks Alain! It's not a bad idea! We can think of making creation sign up free and you save it by creating an account. We've used social logins as we thought it's a quick and lazy way to get anyone started. The permissions are very basic. If you find it frustrating thought and you want email sign up exclusively, please fill in this form https://haaash.typeform.com/to/I... we'll add email signup very soon and reach out to you.
This looks like numerous months of work... Great to see it up and running!