Create a healthy habit of drinking water. Fitbit for H2O.

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Full disclosure: I've been one of the early beta-tester for H2O-Pal. I've found nothing that comes close when it comes to hydration tracking that's 100% hands-off. Does a fantastic job staying out of your way but providing you the info you need.
Hi Everyone! Thanks for the hunt, Mitch =) So... what's H2O-Pal? It's similar to a fitness tracker, but it's a device that works with your water bottle so it's a 'hydration tracker'. It makes your life easier by helping you take in more water, less calories and improve your productivity and focus by avoiding dehydration. We've given the Product Hunt community a special offer just for today. FREE US and discounted international shipping. Love to get the community's feedback and I'm happy to respond to any questions or comments you might have.
@matejmarjanovic @mitchrobs Definitely sharing this.... it's crazy how many of my friends don't drink enough water...
@matejmarjanovic @mitchrobs How heavy is this? What water bottles does this fit on?
@msitver the module itself weighs about 3.5 oz (less than 100g) and it fits on most bottles that have a 3" diameter at the base. (Three inches is actually the diameter which still allows most people to comfortably grip a cylindrical object) ... H2O-Pal ships with a premium borosilicate bottle, which is a bit on the heavy side but we really liked the design and the fact that glass is the material the least spoils the taste of water.
I find every time I use one of these water-tracking apps, I just end up wasting a lot of time peeing.
The Product Hunt community has a special offer just for today. FREE US and discounted international shipping. Feedback, questions, suggestions, etc. everything is welcome =)
I have had the fortune of testing this product out in the early stages of development and I can honestly say that it helped me tremendously with my fitness goals. Planning my diet and cooking for the week is something I can do in a day and forget about until the next week. However, ensuring I'm properly hydrated has proven very difficult for me as it's something I have to be aware of and keep track of every day. H2O Pal reminds me when I should be drinking more water and constantly tracks my daily intake based on the amount of water that is physically in my water bottle. Plenty of studies have shown the positive effects, especially with weight loss, of proper hydration and I definitely felt better and more focused while using the product. I highly recommend H2O Pal to anyone looking to improve their overall health!
Very expensive for what it is. As I said with HidrateMe, I love the idea of hydration tracking and reminders, but $80-120? No way. I think I'm priced out (as are many others) at around $60.
Hi Michael. Thanks for the feedback. We do hope we'll be able to make H2O-Pal more affordable over time. Hydration trackers are a new product category and as with any new product category the initial market is small and so the price is higher then for products that have been on the market for a couple years. Fitness trackers that only measure movement, for example, are still regularly priced over $100 (Flex - Fitbit's cheapest wrist based tracker is at $99.95) and the function is only slightly better than what your smartphone comes with by default. Based on the response we've had we see that a lot of people are comfortable with the current price point. Most people like the added benefits of tracking their water intake and having reliable reminders that help them develop a healthy habit of drinking water, however, it is true that some of them have specific reasons why water intake is important for them. For example, people with cystinuria (or other kidney issues), people with diabetes, young mothers that need to drink plenty water, etc ... if water intake is already very important in your life then H2O-Pal will be more valuable to you. Hope this has helped shed some light on the price point.