NYC's best personal assistants on demand.

Hi Product Hunters, Thanks for having us here! My first company GYST is NYC's most trusted personal assistant service, and GYSTNow provides the same expert support to users on demand. Our vision is to set our clients free of whatever isn't serving, advancing or delighting. Our assistants are experienced, insured, and employed by us, allowing them to accomplish user tasks efficiently and thoroughly. We are passionate about creating a superior user experience not only in app, but at every point of interaction, giving our clients the support they need to focus on what matters most. Thanks in advance for checking us out and for sharing your feedback here. We'd love for you to give GYSTNow a try with your first task on us with promo code PRODUCTHUNT (you will be prompted to enter this code after you "Submit" your first task). Cheers, Brooke
I couldn't find this in the UK app store, so perhaps it's just in the US for now. Nice idea, would be cool if you could have a plan for a short period e.g. I'm on holiday in NYC for two weeks, a PA would really help me organise my time there.
@almackin Hey Al, yes, we are in the US only for now - but will let you know as soon as we expand your way. Awesome idea about short time period plan! Going to work on that and will keep you posted. In case you happen to be on holiday in NYC now (let's have coffee if you are!), you can sign up for the Single Task Membership, purchase your tasks one by one as needed, and cancel when you head home to avoid a second monthly charge.
@bybstone @almackin it's a very neat concept. Where are the PAs located? What types of tasks do you see people using GYST for the most?
@srcasm thanks Jesse. For now all of our assistants are in NYC, and clients are using GYSTNow for more important errands (FedEx, hand delivery, precious cargo type stuff) and for business research (upcoming meetings, biz dev recon, etc.) - we are at WeWork 42nd St btw 😉
@bybstone makes sense! Just downloaded the app. I'll probably try it out this week. Congrats on the launch!
@srcasm awesome thanks for checking it out! Everyone use code WELCOME for your first task free!