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@aprilzero @myusuf3 & co. are the best! I've been using this app every single day for some time now, and it has helped me tremendously in getting a better overview of my life. Unlike many other apps, Gyroscope isn't yet-another-tracker that collects data in its own silo. Instead, it's the glue that binds all my other health and productivity data together. I love the insights it generates, such as the weekly Mind Map chart, which overlays data from RescueTime (app productivity) and Spotify, to give you insight into which times of the day are productive, and what effect being online/listening to music has on productivity. Looking forward to more to come in the future! :)
So awesome to see the behind the scenes of @aprilzero going through this on Startup TV the other day! Congrats on the launch Love your designs on these! the visuals are so 🔑 Do you think Gyroscope could be used for something other than health/active based inputs? Any plans here?
@bentossell Thanks Ben! Yeah, we've been working on this all year and iterating while using it ourselves. Super excited to release it to the world and see what kind of good it is going to do.
@aprilzero :)! I edited my comment and asked 'Do you think Gyroscope could be used for something other than health/active based inputs? Any plans here?'
@bentossell For things besides physical activity—yes absolutely. Since we've already had apps for running & cycling for a while, those are some of the biggest category right now. But we have a great group experience around things like productivity or travel as well, which is powered by totally different data. We wanted to build something for every type of person, so if you go out running all the time there is a great feature for that. But if you are at your desk constantly, you can start a group with other people who do that and see how long you worked today and how productive you were. And share graphs of what apps you were using. And then potentially realize when it is too much or too little and keep it balanced. That balance is the thing that is so hard to find, so we're hoping to help by creating better tools and more awareness and context.
@bentossell absolutely think it can be used for inputs outside of health. If you are person who likes to get every ounce of productivity out of the day. We track where you physically send your time as well. Maybe it be at the gym at your desk or what you are actually doing at your computer. Through a few of our integrations, it's possibly to drastically change way your work and where you spend your time. I was personally shocked to realize how many hours i spend in the car driving every month. Roughly ~30 hours.
Good stuff @aprilzero ! Healthy competition is the way to go. Looking forward to see the next brilliant thing you will come up with !
This looks great, but I have an issue with relying on Facebook login. To use it in China, I have to open VPN first, login to VPN (can be a slow process finding a working server) and then fire up the app. It all amounts to friction. The option to use email to login after account creation would make life much simpler for those of us behind the GFW.
I just launched the app for the first time. I see that you've thought of that already.