Gyminize is the very best workout tracker, designed for and inspired by iOS.

It lets you easily track your workouts and accompanies you during your workout. With its smart rest timer you become more efficient in the gym and never miss your next set.

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Hey ProductHunt, my name is Valentin Beutler and I am a 22 year old self-taught iOS developer from Germany. After many months of hard work I have just released my very first app on the App Store! I think it is the coolest workout tracker out there. It features a simplistic User Interface, which has been designed from the ground up for iOS. The whole idea started with me being tired of having to manually count my rest time during my workouts in the gym. I have searched the app store for an app which would suit my needs, but came up empty handed. I could not find one single app which has been designed with the user in mind! I have always felt that apps on iOS should feel native to the platform. So I ended up taking matters in to my own hands. I started learning Swift about two years ago and from there built and built and built, until I ended up with Gyminize - which looking back I never would have thought possible. Some cool features to highlight: - Create your own workout plans: Select exercises, select a number of sets and rest time, and you're good to go! - Smart rest timer: Whenever your rest time is up, Gyminize will play a sound - so you can always focus on your workout! - View statistics about almost anything: from your total weight lifted, to the total time spent in the gym. - Create and share progress photos to really highlight your progress. - Customizable Feed with your own statistics and measurements. I'd love for everyone to check it out! It helps me so much to stay focused during my workouts, I hope it will help you too! I'm always open for constructive criticism. Please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail at
@valentinbeutler That's great! Thanks for sharing :)
Great idea, very competitive space -- I have used quite a few gym apps and always found that the time actually utilising the apps delay my workout significantly. Thus, its great to see a simple app focused on casual gym-goers.
@johnny_boufarhat Hi Johnny, thanks for your feedback! My goal was definitely to build an app that does not get in the way, but rather supports you as much as possible. So it’s really cool to hear that other people notice that endeavor 😊
Hi! The app has great UX and I like the rest timer. I was hoping I'll find options for supersets and hold-times for static exercises. Are you planning to add this? Without those options I unfortunately can't use the app and have to stay with pen and paper. Kind regards from Regensburg :)
@epistimo +1. supersets are missing from 99% of gym tracking apps and it would be great to have. I’d pay around $5 / month subscription wise.
@epistimo Hi Timo, thanks for your feedback! I am planning to add support for super sets in a while, I just haven’t found *that* perfect solution yet, UX wise. Regarding hold times for static exercises: you can actually track your total duration for planks for example. Please let me know if I misunderstood that comment.
@macconnollyco Hi Mac, thanks for you reply! Adding supersets does not seem like a trivial thing to do, especially if the UX should be easy to grasp. I guess that is why this feature is missing from so many apps. I am currently thinking about this a lot, but haven’t come up with the perfect solution yet. Maybe if you have an idea on how to best solve this problem, you can let me know 😊
Congratulations ~Perhaps, you will engage the wearable technology Industry? > @FitbitDev
@pumpthejuice Hi Jay, thanks for your reply! I am planning on adding Apple Watch support first and foremost. But I will think about adding Fitbit support sometime in the future 😊
@valentinbeutler ~ #Fitbit works on #iOS, #Windows and #Android devices, & their #app is the top-downloaded #mobileapp for connected fitness devices. > So, your #Tracker has an integrated timer? What distinguishes you from other solutions?
Gonna take this bad boy for a spin at my gym today
@ali_naderzad Hi Ali, thanks for your reply! May I ask how your workout went? 🏋🏻‍♂️
@valentinbeutler The workout went well, however after using your app for a few minutes, I switched back to my regular one. But I’ll be sure to give your app another try again tomorrow
@ali_naderzad May I ask why you switched back? Was there something missing you would like me to add? 😊