Facebook Messenger bot to track your training efforts

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Love the 🤖bot ui use cases for 🤓logging activities. Could also imagine expense tracking, note taking and much more 😅
@__tosh I think the opportunities are plenty. But I'm currently focusing on the thing that I actually need. But hey maybe someone else will take care of it.
Hello folks, this is Sebastian from Gymbot. When I hit the 90kg (~200lbs) I decided to go to the gym. Being the tech fella that I am I started looking for fitness apps that would help me track my progress (mostly for Android tbh) but found nothing that suited my needs. So I started to develop a clean and simple Facebook Messenger bot. It saves your exercises and delivers stats, that’s it. I would love to hear your thoughts and questions.
@sippndipp ironically I thought of something similar the other week. Does it come back with suggestions for exercises based around the session or previous exercise?
@mrmarkdavies not yet. It's a very simple tracking bot right now. But it's great idea and I'm definitely keep working on it.
@sippndipp I see plenty of potential here.
Why did you decide to go with a bot and not a simple (small) app?
@buss_jan Well, as I already mentioned I tried several apps and felt that most of them were a bit too overladen. So, when I started to work out, I was using the notes app to track my progress. This is how I developed the format for entering your exercises. I wanted to create a clean and simple tool with just some basic functions and developing a bot was way quicker that developing an app with a custom UI.
@sippndipp I completely agree. Gym apps are way too big. I formerly used gymbuddy but it's just so massive and not user-friendly when tracking workouts. Switched back to notes... Love how simple you've kept this. Well done!!
Nice Bot! It could tell you a bit earlier that you need to choose one of the exercises from the list. Any chance to add my own exercises soon?
@cptmuh Good feedback. I'll update the help. Yes you can name your own exercises soon.
Does it provide any smartness yet?
@daniel_schroermeyer It's just a program at the moment, but I want to make it smarter. I'm using the bot for a few weeks now, obviously, and even got some friends to use it too. So, I was able to gather a lot of feedback. The next step to make the bot smarter would be to split up the strict format for the exercises. Currently, you have to obey a certain format (Exercise Weight/Repetitions/Sets). Splitting that up would mean that Gymbot understands that you’re working on a particular machine if you'd just type "Butterfly" and then would ask you how much weight you lifted and how many repetitions you did and so on. The ultimate goal is that Gymbot can make sense out of a variety of different formats, so the handling feels as natural and intuitive as possible.