Gust Launch

Legal, banking and accounting solution for startups

Gust Launch is the one click solution for founding and managing a high-growth startup. A unique 'software as a service' platform, Gust Launch incorporates your startup as a Delaware C corp, files with the IRS, sets up your equity, and then handles ALL of your legal, accounting, stock and banking needs as you grow...starting at only $99/month.

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Update: June 1, 2017: Our pricing has changed since the product was first hunted during its beta phase and the comments below were written. Today, Gust Launch offers the same features and more, available as a base subscription to the platform at only $99/month, supplemented by add-on packages that solve your company’s needs as you scale. In addition, Launch now includes an hour of real legal services each month as well as $15,000 in Amazon Web Services credit, 300,00 monthly emails through SendGrid, and more. For more information, see -------- Gust Launch was born out of the realization that founding and running a high-growth startup is much, much more complicated (and expensive) than any first time entrepreneur ever realizes. We have therefore turned 'starting a company' into an automatic, software as a service solution designed specifically for high-growth startup teams. Wth a single click you can now: Incorporate as a Delaware C Corp Get your EIN from the IRS File for Foreign Qualification in your home state Handle all post-incorporation legal setup Open your company bank account Set up your cap table Issue stock to you and your founding team Set up your accounting system... and then, on an ongoing basis, have all of your: Legal Accounting Bookkeeping Equity management 409(a) valuations Investor reporting Due diligence compliance ...handled for you, including both the systems (XERO accounting, bank account, cap table management, etc.) and the services (legal, accounting, bookkeeping, et al.) you need.
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@davidsrose Thanks for all you do in helping startups!
@davidsrose Know of any alternative for India?
@abhib @davidsrose For India I've heard cleartax has launched something like this
@davidsrose for Cap table management + 409a are you guys partnering with eshares?
@jared_reitzin No, we're actually their largest competitor in the early stage space, and, in fact, have done many, many more 409(a) valuations than they have. They only started doing valuations themselves this year; our Gust Equity Management group, formerly an independent valuation company known as Preferred Return, has done thousands of valuations over many years for many of the leading high-growth firms out of accelerator programs like YC.
The only thing more distracting than fundraising is company formation crap when you are starting up. Wish we had this at SeedInvest when we started.
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@ryanfeit I'm guessing your service it only applies to the USA right?
@jamie_ross For the moment it's US entrepreneurs starting US companies. Q1 it expands to ALL entrepreneurs starting US companies, then by Q2 it should handle European startups as well.
@davidsrose Should definitely look to add visa support for those that want to build an American company but unfortunately weren't lucky enough to be American.
@davidsrose @jamie_ross This is exactly the product I will be needing in a few years. Any plans for you guys to add support for India?
Excellent value proposition at an impressive pricepoint
What is the unique proposition? Helping startups focus on productivity in their actual business by having a comprehensive visibility management tool?
@fusioncatalog Yes, plus much, much more! Gust Launch is not just a visibility management tool; it takes care of ALL the gnarly back-end stuff at a startup, from the moment you decide to incorporate all the way through to your exit. By handling a perfect corporate set up (incorporation as a Delaware C Corp, foreign qualification in your home state, EIN from the IRS, registered agent in Delaware, etc.) as well as all of the ongoing legal, financial, equity and bookkeeping support, and then integrating everything with bulletproof board workflows, providing all of the supporting platforms (such as Xero Accounting and Gust Equity Management and even a bank account) as well as the services (unlimited legal Q&A, ongoing bookkeeping services, accounting, etc.) it eliminates all of the required-but-nonproductive stuff so that you can truly focus on your actual business.
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@davidsrose @fusioncatalog David, this is absolutely amazing. I have a ton of people I want to share this with. I have some questions. Good email to reach you?
@datarade First name at company name...
@davidsrose emailed ya, this is so super relevant to a lot of new apps that come out.
Really nice... What is the difference between Gust and Stripe Atlas [Disclaimer: I have my startup registered through Stripe Atlas] from the point of view a USA non citizen and non resident and What services you offer to them?
@engmsaleh Stripe Atlas is a nice, transactional solution for non-US citizens incorporating a US company. Gust Launch is a significant superset of Atlas, initially designed for US entrepreneurs, but expanding to support international founders next month. The basic difference is that Atlas is a one-time transaction, where Gust Launch is an ongoing SaaS platform that includes unlimited, ongoing legal Q&A, ongoing bookkeeping services, ongoing cap table management, accounting, 409(a) valuations, and much, much more. While Gust has some products and services that are available to established companies (like Gust Equity Managent, valuations services, online funding applications, etc.), Gust Launch as a full platform only is available for companies that start out on the platform from the very beginning. By therefore guaranteeing that everything is done perfectly and integrated with everything else, and that you can never go off track and screw things up, we have been able to eliminate literally 90% of the cost of operating the mechanics of a high-growth company. What is live today is the first part of the solution. We'll shortly be expanding it to include setting up your option plan, providing payroll services, dedicated lawyers (working with the largest firms in the country), and much more. Stay tuned!
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@davidsrose Thanks a lot for detailed answer, it really sounds nice. The point of that ongoing platform with all services under the same roof. I really enjoyed Stripe Atlas approach and it helped us a lot, but I still think the point of ongoing services handled all together is still missing... Please keep me updated when you launch the new services.
@davidsrose @engmsaleh I hope it'll be okay if I incorporate using stripe Atlas (this Jan) and then move to your platform. Or will you open up for Indian entrepreneurs on a beta mode.
@jerriclynsjohn While you can't move on to Gust Launch *after* you're incorporated, we do have many services that are available to all companies, including cap table management, co-founder equity split tools, valuation calculators, online funding applications and much more.