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No makers here? I have a question: How does it handle message formatting on different platforms? They are after all not the same. I am thinking about how they embed images, or format text. etc
@tribaling Hey, I've added the makers, but PH is yet to confirm. And AFAIK message formatting, embedding image will be handled by the platforms themselves.
@prasannapegu @tribaling makers are added they just need to join PH :)
@tribaling Yes, message formatting is constrained by the messaging platforms. However, there are still ways to do better than plain text. If you want structured text (poll, survey, form, etc), the Gupshup API enables you to send a link in the message that automatically renders the structured form in the browser. Also, we're soon enabling the capability to seamlessly leverage unique platform specific features (e.g. custom keyboards in telegram and kik) using a common cross-platform API.
If anyone is wondering about the name; Gupshup is the word for "gossip" in Urdu. #TMYK
@kanyesboy the meaning is closer to "chitchat", appropriate for a chatbot platform :)
@beerud I stand corrected! Growing up with the word, I always interpreted it to mean gossip.
Also could you send messages to a Slack channel? It seems only Slack user?
@tribaling Once you add the bot to a Slack channel, the bot can send messages to the channel.