Whatever search, get in 5-minute audio

Gumply is an audio search engine that delivers every result in a five minute audicles called Audicles. Unlike podcasts, Audicles provide a new way to listen to audio content in a fast, informative and short form. Use audicles for research, news etc.
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Would love an Android version πŸ˜‰
@irresistibl Thanks for your feedback. So honestly, would it work best if it were a mobile app vs web?
Really impressive alternative to text-based search engine results. It'd be great if the content had a timeline for each snippet to help navigate and control the playback speed πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan, I am working on it as well as fixing what @possiblyzebra1 pointed out.
@possiblyzebra1 @gilbert_mpanga Sounds good, looking forward to following the product!
Hi Hunters, Gumply helps you search whatever you like and get in 5-minute audio. Podcasts and other existing audio content is often lengthy for anyone looking for any information they can reapply anywhere. Text has been so successful with delivering information, with a simple google search, you get what you want but for the case of audio, you get blown by lengthy long audio content and find it hard to get you want . With Gumply we hope to achieve the same results and impact with what TEXT has done to AUDIO as well. Gumply enables anyone to contribute to the world's knowledge graph on any topic through audicles. Alright, enough talking would like to get your feedback in the comments.
Gotta say I'm a bit confused by how this works? Any search query I use give more or less the same results and/or sources (e.g. "by Not Your Average Entrepreneurship Podcast"). Is it meant to be limited to a certain set of sources? The idea seems interesting and would love to try it out more properly.
@possiblyzebra1 Thank you for your honest feedback ,and I am working gazillion times to make it better :)