Gumlet resizes, optimizes and delivers images via Super-fast CDN. It’s an end-to-end solution for all your image related needs. Free tier includes 1 GB bandwidth and unlimited number of image processing every month for 1 year.
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Hello PH, We have been helping companies at all scales to manage their images infrastructure for the last few months. Really excited to be hunted on ProductHunt! Thanks, Vip Sitaraman. Whether it is e-commerce, travel, fashion websites or content blogs, good quality images add to a great user experience, improve customer retention and drive up sales. But, good quality images come at a cost i.e. their huge size. Heavy images on a slow network can destroy the entire experience and impact your revenues. Gumlet was built with the aim to make image optimisation and transformation as simple as adding one line of javascript while making it cheaper for anyone to use it. Our pricing plan is very simple. We charge $0.1 per GB of bandwidth consumed. This comes with all features enabled right from start and there is no minimum monthly amount that needs to be paid. You always pay only for what you use. You can store images in any storage of your choice like AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces or even simple web server. No matter what storage backend you use, you can be sure of lightning fast image delivery. With Gumlet, you get features like - Automatic image optimisation - Real-time URL query parameter based resizing, cropping and other transformations - Smart cropping that automatically focuses on the most important part of an image - GIF optimisation and resize - SVG image optimisations - 3 global image processing facilities - Singapore, Frankfurt and San Francisco - Automatic WebP support - Automatic PNG image optimisation. - CloudFront CDN (can be integrated with your existing CDN as well) All you need to do is to signup and setup image source. Once it's setup, you can include our Javascript in section of your application and voila! Optimised images start to appear for all your users. Our documentation can be found here: Do try out the product and share your feedback with us! It's easy to just signup and we give 1 GB free usage every month for first 12 month so feel free to try it. Look forward to your feedback! Cheers!
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Good job guys :) I liked it.
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@misir Thanks a lot Misir. We would love to know about your story with Gumlet and how the product helps you.
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Nice product. I wonder how is your service different from imgix or cloudinary ? Is it cost? features?..
@prakis Gumlet offers following advantages over competitors - Cheapest pricing - $0.1 per GB without any limits - Global presence - we have image processing servers across the globe to speed up delivery by processing images closest to users - Integration with wide range of storage backends - Origin cache and origin shield included - Fast response times even for non-cached requests - Gumlet.js library for 10 minutes integration: - 99.9% uptime SLA for everyone
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