Connect with local riders, guides & experts.

Ride more. Wherever you are! Guidify is an outdoor ride and guide app that helps find and connect local riders, guides and experts based on their location, activities and interests like mountain-biking, surfing, skiing, climbing etc.
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Which countries are you targeting at first ? Or it can be used in every country to find local riders there !
@mikedane7 Hi Mike! Currently, we are targeting Alpine countries Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, but Guidify can be used anywhere.
Hi ProductHunt! I'm super excited to share with you Guidify, a ride & guide app, that helps connect local riders, guides and experts. We are a team of developers, designers and engineers, but primarily, we are a group of passionate riders, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Often we would ride the local trails and meet riders asking to be shown around. These random meetups would then turn into epic riding sessions, which would usually end with cold beers. So in a way you could say, Guidify is made by riders, for riders. What do you think? Thank you for feedback and share!
Hi ProdctHunt! I'm proud to share an exciting news. just featured Guidify app in their article and and ranked it as one of the TOP 3 cycling and outdoor apps for adventures! Read the article here ->