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Brenden Mulligan — Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
omfg been waiting for them to actually make this kind of app for years. Looks like it works exactly how it should work. As someone who travels almost exclusively with LP, carrying about the book (or part of the book - i tear out relevant pages) is generally cumbersome. This is AMAZING at first glance. Wish I had it in asia a few weeks ago. Wow. Nice work LP! Finally!
Brenden Mulligan — Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
also looks like there's an android version available. @eriktorenburg @rrhoover you guys might want to change subtitle to "on your phone" and add for android link
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Brad — Design
@mulligan My favorite piece of feedback so far. Thanks Brenden!
@mulligan I second @bradhaynes -- thank you for this wonderful feedback! Travelers like you are what it's all about for us!
Drew Meyers — Co-Founder, Horizon
@mulligan "omfg been waiting for them to actually make this kind of app for years."

Me too. Me too.

@mmccroskey & @bradhaynes, I was contemplating building a native app very similar to this a couple years ago while working on @ohheyworld, and selling it to LP. Or, building it for LP as a consulting project. I think I actually did try to connect with a business development person, but never made any real progress. I knew what the product should be, but didn't have anyway to get the data.

Ryan Mickle — YC alum, Products, Silicon Valley HBO S3
Legend has it Steve Jobs carried a Lonely Planet Guide when he traveled to India.
@ryanm We've heard that legend ourselves... 😉
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